My Name is Jeffrey Price. I am an American born abroad. I was born in

The Signal Corps Regimental Color

The Signal Corps Regimental Color (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heidelberg Germany.My dad was in the Army for 27 years and I ended up in the Army for ten years. I was Honorably discharged in Dec of 1989.

I was Air Assault. Qualified Expert with my M-16.Was a NBC (Nuclear,Biological and Chemical) School Graduate and trained soldiers how to protect themselves in the event of Chemicals being used on the battlefield. I was part of the Signal Corps. I learned Morse Code and I served my government.

Now I’m married raising three kids. My youngest just graduated High School. The two older children are Special Needs children. Scot is now 22. He developed Autism around 5 yrs. of age. He is non-verbal, low-functioning and a special person. Carrissa is 19. She had her four limbs amputated at three. She has had a horrific time at life, but you couldn’t tell it from being around her. She’s my Hero!

I like to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. That includes the animals which suffer by man’s means. The environment which also seems to be getting neglected, but mostly for the children. My wife is my leader when it comes to the children. She’s magnificent with children.

I have a special family and a special life. I thank God I have this opportunity to help others by his grace I pray it continues.

My about me page can give some more information. http://about.me/jlprice62


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