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One of the world’s most brilliant men, Nicola Tesla was even greater than we ever

English: Nicola Tesla. Glass negative. 5 x 7 i...

English: Nicola Tesla. Glass negative. 5 x 7 inches or smaller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

imagined. Or at least were ever made aware of.
With all the revisionist history crammed down our throats, the real truths never made it to the public domain. Nicola Tesla tried his best to hide the realities of his inventions so military use of many of his inventions would not become reality. Well they have.
Today’s weather control is just one example. HAARP is a weather modification program which had its start in Tesla’s work. Nicola Tesla knew that if the government started using this information for military control of the world, we would all suffer. He was right! This is exactly what is going on today. The world governments are using Tesla’s work to control people and governments world-wide. If you don’t agree with the United States, bad weather and weather related events start happening and continue until you give in. More than one such example of this has occurred.

‘Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of
Nikola Tesla’

So much more of today’s military weaponry had its start in Tesla’s work. The US, Russia and Great Britain all had this information and so do many other countries today. Weapons that can create more energy than nuclear bombs can be used by several countries and not all of them are allied with the United States.
The United States government is playing with fire and we are going to get burned. No doubt China is also in this as their weather testing proved so successful in its own testing. We know Russia and the US have advanced lasers for shooting down missiles. Star Wars under President Reagan was just an attempt for the United States to catch up with the Russian program.

With the end of the cold war, the United States was supposed to be the on super

Colorado Springs experiment where grounded tun...

Colorado Springs experiment where grounded tuned coil is in resonance with distant transmitter; Light is glowing near the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

power left in this world, and we are now finding out how wrong that assessment was.
Russia has a rebuilt advanced military and China is gaining ground very quickly.
We just placed many Patriot missiles in Turkey, so now they have ,that knowledge. We just set up Israel with ICBMs and a very advanced radar facility, so they now have that knowledge. Russia just set up Syria with advanced intercept missile capabilities to counter the Patriot missiles, so now Syria has that ability which also means Iran will have that ability. Unbelievable, the world’s best technologies are being spread everywhere.

I know the best technologies are being kept by the US Government and the Russian Governments respectively. But the amount of technology given away is just incredible. These and other weapon systems given to so-called third world countries are very capable of killing Americans as we become more involved in this regions wars, that we instigated.
We (the United States) have made many war blunders over the past 15 years and we seem unable to control ourselves as we continue making mistake after mistake. The only thing making sense here is an all out nuclear war is inevitable. But even there, we may not have the advantage over Russia especially if China sides with Russia. Which it is doing. Syria and Iran may be America’s downfall. Listening to those Zionist Jews are ending this great nation.
Many of those new Russian missiles set up in Syria are along the Jordanian border and not just Israel is targeted. Much of America’s presence in that region has been earmarked for destruction if those missiles are used. Russia has leveled the playing field in Syria and all the middle east.

The chemical attacks by Israel and the United States backfired when Russia made it clear those were not from the Syrian government. Without the case for chemical attacks, the United States and England are being foiled unlike the last time these two countries made this same case. Iraq! No weapons of mass destruction then or now, no matter what the leaders of these two nations try to make us believe. Syria would never use Chemical weapons on its own people.
THE UNITED STATES HAS TO HAVE IT’S WAR TO COVER OVER SO MUCH OF ITS WRONG DOINGS. Without a grand war, the only thing left will be its war on Americans. Even though that will be profitable for a few, It doesn’t come close to a major conflict for profitability. And it only allows more Americans to see the truth of what this nation has become. Zionist Israel.

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