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Is the bible predicting Nuclear Holocaust in the last days? Revelation, Joel,

World map with nuclear weapons development sta...

World map with nuclear weapons development status represented by color. Five “nuclear weapons states” from the NPT Other states known to possess nuclear weapons States formerly possessing nuclear weapons States suspected of being in the process of developing nuclear weapons and/or nuclear programs States which at one point had nuclear weapons and/or nuclear weapons research programs States that possess nuclear weapons, but have not widely adopted them (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zechariah all seem to be describing just such an event. Are we going to lose control and let such a calamity happen?

Fortunately, we still have time to end just a scenario before it does happen. God allows us choice and we could change that future from occurring. But alas, God has allowed the foretelling of such an event for a reason. Like, we are not going to prevent this from happening.

We witnessed the first Nuclear weapons used on the public. Do we really want to witness our newer Nuclear weapons being deployed on innocent people? These weapons are larger, than those previously witnessed in Japan.

Nuclear Holocaust?

The use of Nuclear weapons will be inevitable if WW III really gets larger and we (the United States) are pushing for just that to occur. I hope it doesn’t happen.

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