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In a continued effort to allow people to know me and understand who I am, I am writing this article which allows others the opportunity to have a small revelation into my life.

I was born in Heidelburg Germany on April 30, 1962. My father was in the military and my mother was German. I am an American born abroad.

The first twelve years of my life was spent travelling back and forth between The United States and Germany. One year having been enrolled in three different schools as we moved frequently.


Germany (Photo credit: sanctumsolitude)

My father competed on the Army rifle teams where he collected quite a room full of trophies. Every year I went to school in a different place. When he went to Vietnam, we were left in Georgia until his return. I have some good but mostly bad memories from that time frame.

After a promotion we moved from Virginia to Oklahoma where I for the first time in my life went to multiple grades in the same school. MY parents had divorced and living with my father who was never around was very difficult. My older brother and younger sister also lived there. The three of us raised ourselves. It wasn’t anything new as we had already done this for several years. But it was different this time because we were staying in the same area. Nearly three years Grades 7-9. Then another promotion and we were off to Hawaii. Finally a overseas tour which didn’t take us back to Germany. Hawaii has been considered a overseas tour on and off for awhile.Hawaii is where my father would finish his military career before outprocessing in Washington He served about 27 years when he retired. Another promotion was offered but declined as he did not want that final three years.

The Hawaii state seal.

The Hawaii state seal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I served 10 plus years of my own before getting out in December of 1989. My last couple years I was stationed in Hawaii. My time in the military wasn’t all bad or good. I did learn to copy Morris Code, I was Air Assault, I received decorations and awards. I taught NBC protection and awareness after going through the school  (Nuclear,Biological and Chemical warfare).

Travelling was in my blood and from December 1989 Until March of 1992 I lived in Washington State, Wisconsin, Texas,California and finally ended up in Oregon. My eldest daughter turned three in a coma fighting for her life and it was this event that settled me down as I still live in Oregon where my daughters needs are being met. She is a quadruple-amputee with mental retardation. She is absolutely a delight and my hero. I have another daughter 14 months younger who just finished high school at seventeen.

I met the woman who would become my wife and mother to my girls in DecEMBER OF 1997 when my daughter was finally released from the hospital.From May to December my youngest daughter and I lived at the hospital as there was so much to do everyday with my eldest daughter.

Living in Portland was a Godsend as there are many excellent medical hospitals for children. Life was very busy but getting my oldest daughter back in school arounde her appointments was a high priority and this is where I met my wife. My daughter completed that school year and when the next school year started, this is when my future wife began sending notes home about helping me with the two girls. We met a few times during discussions about how to care for my daughter and she wanted to help. I never really concerned myself to much with that as we were constantly busy with appointment after appointment. With my daughter in her class she was always kept updated and helped my daughter progress and so she knew quite abit about her. Well in November of that year she rode home with my daughter on her bus to let me know she was really interested in helping and things developed between us and eventually we married in March of 2002.

When we met she was raising a five year old autistic boy and we just made a great family.

During my daughters hospital stay I learned all the medical procedures and was allowed to do most everything for her. From the critical daily bandage changes and wound care to handling the many monitors she was connected to. My daughter had her first surgery at four months of age where two heart defects were repaired and still has surgeries ahead of her and she is now 19. She has nearly died on five different occasions and I gave mouth to mouth to her twice before her first surgery.

There have been other times in my life where I saved people’s lives. One was unable to breathe and one was drowning. Both certaintly would have died if I were not there. But nothing was scarry like my daughter who had stopped breathing, twice.

I am currently writing a book, this is taking me quite a while to complete. Maybe within the next year or 18 months?

Meet The Price Family

I have been a Head Start teacher and have worked for a non-profit company as Enclaves Supervisor and currently am blogging and as Overseas Social Envoy for HEEALS and I try to help with America’s dog and cat issues trying to help some of our nations Animal Shelters. These are loving people who care deeply for the animals. There are various other causes I get involved with including the occasional missing persons. Helping those who can’t help themselves.

I am proud of my family and I know that one day , maybe at my death, life will settle down into some form of normalcy. Until then, I will continue doing what I can for my family and for others everything I can to make things better.